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Sfeerium's passion is to create characterful and harmonic interiors. Interiors that nurture and enrich the experience. It leaves a smooth interaction occur between space, form, function and emotional value of which the influence between man and environment always the central point is. Important starting point in designing is the identity of users and the quality of live or work. This gives a natural and surprising interior that is intertwined with innovation, design and durability.


Sfeerium can be of service for smaller projects or large total concepts worldwide, for private residences or corporate projects. Some of our advises:


Style advice    /    Color & material advice    /    Furniture & accessory advice    /    Layout plan    /  

Custom made furniture design    /    Artwork design   /    Spa and Wellness Design    /    Energy consultation    /

Delivery of products    /    Guidance and coordination of your project    /

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Yoga Magazine wrote an article about Sfeerium

Yoga magazine, artikel - Sfeerium - Nieuws 1 SFEERIUM-interieur-ontwerp-wellness-spa-floaten-fl 2-SFEERIUM-interieur-ontwerp-skinstudio-Hulst-natu 1b-Sfeerium-interieur-ontwerp-woonhuis-penthouse-i Penthouse, Bergen, Landgoed de Haaf, Interieurontw



Private Residence, Penthouse.



Product design: Glassdoor Elipso

Production by Bod'or.