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     Are you looking for an inspiring re-styling of your home that is a reflection of your personality?


     Do you want to create unity and a peacefull atmosphere in your home, in which the elements such as color, material and      

     products are perfectly matched?


      Are you looking for help with renovations with the best functional and visual outcome?


      Do you  want a unique interior which supports the welfare of the users?



Feeling at home, gaining energy, improving the quality of housing, this is important to us! A living space is more than just a space in which to live, it is an expression of habitants. A living space that matches our nature and identity creates more vitality and flow. This means that an intense experience can exist of different qualities and uses, from rest to dynamic, private and sharing, warmth and simplicity, play and work.


The coordination between natural materials, the power of light, positive effect of colors, air quality and influence of forms in space creates a harmonious whole. It transforms areas into a positive place. Sfeerium creates interiors with character and a story!


Interior projects

We are pleased to answer your questions and help you further with your project.

Feel free to  contact us for more information.

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Interior design for Private Residences





How do we work? Within our company you can choose from several options to turn your interior into an inspiring residence. It can be a restyling on certain points to refresh your current interior or an overall design in which a large part is turned into a total new look. We will make you a manual matched to your needs and adjust it to your budget and schedule. Below is a brief summary of a some possibilities:


1 - Re - styling of your current interior (and exterior spaces, patio, etc.)

Sfeerium be of service for a re-styling of your current interior. Often we can create a new look with minor adjustments. Several components are checked in the total interior ambiance, like; colors and materials, furniture, lighting, window coverings, wallpaper, plants and other decorations. We ensure that only the necessary changes are made and the right products are purchased to create an inspiring interior.


2-   Interior ‘Total’ Design

Phase 1 > We create a total new interior in which certain areas or your entire residence is turned into a new look. In this comprehensive interior design the following items can be included :


         * Color & material advice

         * Style advice

         * Lay outs

         * Upholstery advise

         * Decoration advise

         * Floor advise

         * Furniture & accessory advice

         * Energy consulting

         * Custom furniture design

         * Artwork design

         * 3d drawings; for a perfect picture of how your hotel ended up in the practice will look like.


Phase 2 > During the realization / implementation of the project

Sfeerium provides interacton with third parties (contractors, carpenters, painters, etc.) and ensures the order/ delivery of the products. We supervise and coordinate the entire project so you no longer have to worry about it, but you can also choose to take care of this yourself.



The above points are a selection from our range, but of course we can make a tailored plan for you.

Please contact us for more information.

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Interior design & styling for holiday houses

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