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* Are you looking for an inspiring and professional interior for your hotel which creates an unique 'hotel concept' and

distinguish your hotel from the competition?


* Do you want a hotel where the interior elements such as color, material and products are perfectly aligned,

with the result that unity, peace and spacious interiors are created?


* Do you want an environment that gives a unique 'holiday experience' so that customer- & staff satisfaction is optimal

and ensures increasing bookings?


* Are you looking for a refreshing styling for your current interior which is specially matched to your target group so

this adds to the total quality experience?



We love to help you with this!


Interior and wellness design for Hotels & Resorts

Design & Styling


How do we work? Within our company you can choose from several options to turn your interior into an innovative 'holiday experience'. It can be a restyling on certain points to refresh your current interior or an overall design in which a large part of your hotel is turned into a total new look. Both possibilities can be performed in phases. This is financially comfortable and your hotel doesn't have to close. We will make you a manual matched to your needs and adjust it to your budget and schedule. Below is a brief summary of a some possibilities:


1 - Re - styling of your current interior (and exterior spaces, patio, etc.)

Sfeerium be of service for a re-styling of your current interior. Often we can create a new look with minor adjustments. Several components are checked in the total interior ambiance, like; colors and materials, furniture, lighting, window coverings, wallpaper, plants and other decorations. We ensure that only the necessary changes are made and the right products are purchased to create an inspiring interior.


2-   Interior ‘Total’ Design

Phase 1 > We create a total new interior in which certain areas or your entire hotel is turned into a new look. In this comprehensive interior design the following items can be included :


         * Color & material advice

         * Style advice

         * Lay outs

         * Upholstery advise

         * Decoration advise

         * Floor advise

         * Furniture & accessory advice

         * Energy consulting

         * Custom furniture design

         * Artwork design

         * 3d drawings; for a perfect picture of how your hotel ended up in the practice will look like.


Phase 2 > During the realization / implementation of the project

Sfeerium provides interacton with third parties (contractors, carpenters, painters, etc.) and ensures the order/ delivery of the products. We supervise and coordinate the entire project so you no longer have to worry about it, but you can also choose to take care of this yourself.


3- Corporate Identity & Branding

We take a closer look at the existing or new branding of the hotel, and we make sure it is perfectly tailored to the look of your interior to create a 'total brand experience'.


4- Photography of the project

After completion of the new interior we can make professional photographs of your project. From beautiful overviewphotos to small details are photographed. These photos can be used for all your communication resources so that you have a series of pictures to inspire future guests.



The above points are a selection from our range, but of course we can make a tailored plan for you.

Please contact us for more information.

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Sfeerium creates interiors and wellness with passion for the hospitality market. From hotels and suites, resorts, boutique hotels, holiday houses & apartments to bed & breakfasts. We create inviting, inspiring interiors and outdoor spaces which have character and perfectly suits to your target audience. The identity of your business and customers is reflected in the interior, creating a balanced interaction between space, form, senses and user functions is established.


A beautiful designed interior and wellness of your hotel provides a good first impression and better quality experience for your guests. As a result, guests feel at home and at ease, which ensures customer satisfaction and new customer inflow increases. Also for your employees it is more great to work in a pleasant environment so that the work-environment feels better and the employees have a higher job satisfaction.


In the design of the interior styling we merge visual and functional aspects and provide the right balance between color, material and products. This will result in peaceful and spacious interiors. Attention will be payed to the optimal and practical use of space, the routing, the logistics and for every different spave we create the right athmosphere: from very open, spacious and luxurious to cozy, intimate and small. Through our experience we know exactly how to make your wishes come true and how to create a sophisticated interior from each hotel.


Interior products and materials should be certainly 'stonger' in a hotel than in a normal house.  We intertwine this into the design by selecting strong materials which can withstand scratches and rough handling. As a result your hotel stays long well maintained with a fresh look and thus requires less maintenance.


In short: We turn your hotel into an innovative 'holiday experience' that ensures a memorable impression, so you can distinguish yourself on the professional market. Among the big competition today it is very important that you have a unique hotel concept. Sfeerium is at your service to create a ' total experience ' where your guests can enjoy!




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