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SFEERIUM  creates spaces that leave a positive experience. We offer interior design and advice  which matches the identity and vision of your company. Sfeerium always uses a personal approach in the design of hotels, wellness and care programs, practices, salons, yoga studios, restaurants, shops or offices.


Positive environment elements are stimulating and inspiring, reducing stress and encouraging mental and physical health of people. An interior that leaves a strong contribution to the perception of quality and wellbeing of your staff and customers. The influence of color, ergonomics, application of light, the strength of material and shape, natural features and routing coordination, all are tuned into the the overall view. This creates a consious and innovative interior design for your business.

Interior design for the Corporate Market




Interior design for Hotels, B&B's, Holiday homes,...

Interior design for

Beauty | Wellness | Wellbeing | Practices | Health Centers

Interior design for Yogastudio's | Meditation | Mindfulness spaces

Hotellerie 2d Praktijken 2b Interieurontwerp voor Yogastudio's & Meditatieruim